simone de beauvoir - biography / timeline

1908- born january nine at Paris
1913- starts school
1919- decreasing in family's fortune
1925- studies literature with Robert Garric
1926- Starts studying philosophy at the Sorbonne.
1929- Meets Jean Paul Sartre.
1931- Teaches philosophy at the lyceum in Marseilles
Travel to Spain with Sartre
1932- Teaches philosophy at the lyceum in Rouen,where she stays for four years
1934- Sartre lives now in Berlin.She travel twice.
1935- Starts Quand Prime le Spirituel
1936- Teaches philosophy at the Moliere lyceum for seven years
Travel to Italy with Sartre
1937- Travels to Greece with Sartre and Jacques-Laurent Bost .
1938- Starts L'Invitee
1939- Sartre fights in war.
1940- Simone Joins the Paris Exodous
June,21st,Sartre is taken as a war prisoner
June,29th,She comes back to Paris,and regains her place at teaching.She signs a document,where it says she is not a freemason neither a jew
1941- Sartre returns to Paris.Together,they start a bicycle trip along France.
Her father dies.
1943- She quits teaching
Publishes L'Invitee.
Meets Albert Camus
1945- She makes speechs at Spain,Portugal and North Africa
Her work,"Les bouches inutiles" closes after 50 performances
1946- Lectures with Sartre at Swiss,Italy and Netherland
publishes Tous les Hommes sont mortels.
1947 First visit to the USA
Visits Sweden with Jean Paul Sartre
1948- Returns to USA and then visits South America with Sartre
THen they travel to Alger.
1949- publishes La Deuxieme Sexe
1950- travels to Africa and through Europe with Sartre
Finishes her relationship with Algren
1953 starts a relationship with Lanzmann
1954- Publishes Les Mandarins.She wins the prix Goncourt
1955- Simone and Sartre give support to the Algerian independence
She visits China with Jean Paul Sartre
1956- travels to Rome
1957- publishes La Longe Marche
1958- She supports the manifestation agains de Gaulle
1959- publishes Memoires d'une jeune fille rangee
finishes the relationship with Lanzmann
1960- Camus dies in a car accident
visits Cuba with Sartre and meets Fidel Castro and Che Guevara
Two months in Brazil with Sartre
meets Sylvie Le Bon who will later become her adoptive child
1962- Sartre and Simone are invited to Moscow
1963- Her mother dies
La force des choses
1964- Une Mort tres douce
1966- visits the URSS and Japan with Sartre
1967- visits Egypt,Israel and Sweden with Sartre
1968- La Femme rompue
1970- Sartre and Simone become the editor of "La Cause du peuple".
she signs the "manifesto du 343" about women saying they had an illegal abortion.
She starts demonstrations to suppot abortion
1974- Becomes the president of the Womens's rights league
1980- Sartre dies of a heart affection
1983- she publishes her correspondence with Sartre
1986- She dies.